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Beth DAddono

I'm a journalist.

I'm a seasoned pro in travel/food/lifestyle writing for editorial and custom sites. I’m also expert at interviewing the right people and translating their views into snappy, interesting content.

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The Jewish Exponent

Sun, Surf and Chupot on the Maya Riviera

For many Jewish couples, having a dreamy beach destination wedding sounds good in theory, but the reality just isn’t, for lack of a better word, kosher. Especially for a kallah and a chatan...

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The Jewish Exponent

Eat Here Now

So many of the pleasures of the season are deliciously tied to food — the joy of an impromptu picnic, the taste of a fistful of blueberries still warm from the Hammonton sun, the blue haze from...

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The Jewish Exponent

Shore 24: A Dawn-to-Dawn Experience Like No Other

This summer, why not take a Jack Bauer approach to the shore? Yeah, that Jack Bauer, the recently returned grim-visaged counter-terrorism agent fighting bad guys on the Fox thriller 24. This guy make...

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The Jewish Exponent

Appliances You Can Live With

The year is 1967. The summer of love was drawing hippie hordes to the Haight in San Francisco. The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Jimi Hendrix’s Are You Experience...

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The Jewish Exponent

Inside Magazine Spring 2013

The Rebel Issue! Biblical rebels, medical revolutions, local game-changers, radical repurposing and more in this edition of your Jewish lifestyle magazine. ...

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The Jewish Exponent

Manifest Destiny: A Family Business's Blueprint for Success

As far as Andrew Stein knew, none of his four children were anxious to join him in the family business. Stein, who was born and raised in Lower Merion, founded Design Manifest, a full-service residen...

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The Jewish Exponent

Inside Magazine

The 'real' Moses, multigenerational businesses, the latest on testing for genetic diseases and more in this "Family Secrets" edition of the Jewish lifestyle magazine. Volume &nb...

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The Jewish Exponent

Spatial Specialists Share Big Ideas 
for Getting the Most Out of Small Spaces

My new home office is a cozy 3-foot by 5-foot nook tucked between two dormers in the kitchen. It has a sunny window and a high ceiling, shelves for books and supplies, a built-in surface for a desk an...

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The Jewish Exponent

The Mancation Comes of Age

Real men take mancations. Although the term is kind of, well, lame, the idea of an all-bro getaway is hot and getting hotter. According to Wikipedia, an estimated 20 million American men go on mancat...

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The Jewish Exponent

Ten Things To Do With Kids This Summer

The average kid complains of being bored 106 times over the summer, according to the British newspaper, The Daily Mail. Most parents would call that number low, especially when you figure in...

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The Jewish Exponent

Keeping Your Back in Action

It happens once an hour during my workday. The step-counter app on my phone, that electronic tyrant that nags me unless I walk at least 10,000 steps every day, sends me a berating alert: “You&rs...

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The Jewish Exponent


Resources and inspiration for your special occasions. Look here for the latest party-planning trends as well as tips to help you add meaning to your milestone....

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The Jewish Exponent

Garmental Institutions: Finding the Ideal Outfit for Your ’Tween

In the 45 years he’s been in the business, Jack Rehr thought he’d seen it all. Rehr is the manager and buyer for Goldstein’s, a family-owned South Philly men’s and boys’...

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The Jewish Exponent

Inside Magazine

Food trucks, cooking classes, Israeli dives, biblical grub, feeding the needy and more good eats in this edition of our Jewish lifestyle magazine....

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The Jewish Exponent

Turn On the AC: Summer Events Heat Up America's Playground

Not all of the action in Atlantic City happens inside the casinos. Atlantic City, known as “America’s Playground” at the turn of the last century, was a place where performance and...